Our Mission & Accomplishments

The Pearland Alliance for Arts & Culture (PAAC),a non-profit founded in 2014,  is serving as Pearland’s local arts agency. As an umbrella organization it has been partnering, supporting and promoting local artistic and cultural interests and organizations along with city sponsored events and programs.  To Date:


·         PAAC has successfully hosted for the past three years the Annual Fusion of the Arts, a presentation of Pearland’s diverse art, artists and organizations.     
·         PAA&C presented Houston Grand Opera to Pearland school children to foster early art education and audience development. 
·         The PAAC operates an art gallery, showcasing the works of Pearland’s adult and student visual artists.
·         PAAC is partnering in Pearland mural projects which, in turn, is bringing visitors to our city.
·         PAAC has initiated a cultural exchange program by and between local children with Down Syndrome and their contemporaries in Honduras.  Artwork, from the children in Honduras, has already been received in Pearland and displayed.         
·         PAAC is facilitating relationships with countries representing the cultural diversity of Pearland through ongoing conversations and art related programing. PAA&C helped organize a delegation from Pearland to tour China, last August, and plans are underway to host a Chinese delegation in 2018 along with a Chinese student exchange. The relationship goals have expanded to include China, India, South Africa and include providing artistic and cultural programs for the under-served demographic and community at large, while expanding Pearland’s art & culture economic and employment base.                  
·         PAAC has partnered with the Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau to serve as the funding mechanism for the Pear-Scape Public Art Sculpture trail project, where 20 artistically painted fiberglass pears have been placed in ten locations. 
Landmark Contribution to Pearland:  On May 26 the PAAC opened the doors to Pearland’s first Cultural Museum, “Visions of India.”  This small museum has attracted visitors globally and is a prelude to the development of a full scale Indian museum project, which we anticipate will include a small performance venue and education space. The initial art collection for “Visions of India” is on loan from Kannappan Art Museum.  Additional new pieces have been generously donated.  The Museum is open to the public and also hosts private tours and lectures for  K-12, University and Language Schools’ students and  faculty.
The Pearland Art Council is a subcommittee of the Pearland Alliance for Arts & Culture.  The mission of this committee is to promote all artistic and cultural organizations and activities through collaboration, education, marketing, and advocacy. 
The future of Pearland is bright.  Helping to create an artistic and cultural community to showcase our fellow residents while supporting economic development is key.