About Us

The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture (PAAC) is a registered 501(c) (3) serving as an umbrella organization to advance Pearland’s artistic and cultural activities by partnering with businesses, tourism, governmental and private organizations, and with local and regional artistic and cultural interests to make Pearland a regional center of culture.

PAAC is supporting the Pearland Economic Development Corporation’s Pearland 20/20 Plan to enhance economic growth and will provide artistic and cultural activities to support the Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau’s efforts to attract tourists and visitors.

Our Mission: Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture is a charitable organization formed in 2013, with a mission to develop, promote, preserve and enhance the Pearland area artistically, culturally, and economically.

Our vision: The vision for the Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture is to support and advance all artistic and cultural activities by partnering with business tourism, government, and artistic and cultural interests to provide support to existing organizations, sponsor educational initiatives and attract and develop new venues and participants to make Pearland a regional center of culture.


  1. The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture recognizes and embraces the cultural diversity of our community.
  2. The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture will preserve Pearland’s quality of life while attracting new residents and businesses to enhance the economic growth of the community.
  3.  The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture will offer entertaining, safe and beautiful art venues and cultural area expected of a destination city.
  4. The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture will support historical preservations, destination marketing and provide an environment for economic development. It will generate an understanding of the artistic and cultural economic impact in Pearland and define its resources and assets through strategic regional partnerships.
  5. The Pearland Alliance for Arts and Culture will support cultural and artistic educational activities for the community and its students.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Arts in Education Initiatives: Conduct research regarding existing and future opportunities for specific arts in education initiatives in accordance with the K»12 Core Curricular guidelines and Standards for Arts Education, Provide opportunities for all schoolchildren to experience diversified art and cultural experiences.
  2. Tourism: Partner with Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau to help brand the city and provide support for artistic and cultural offerings which attract tourists.
  3. Facilities and Public Spaces: Capitalize upon existing data, update with current trends and projections to identify best location and type of structural facilities to support the cultural environment.
  4. Urban Design, Public Art: Work with Planning and Zoning and Pearland Parks & Recreation Department to identify existing cultural centers and support the development of Public Art. Provide programs and opportunities to display public art within neighborhoods and promote cultural awareness.
  5. Art and Cultural Organizations:
    1. Partner with Destination Pearland to provide for the marketing of existing activities.
    2. Identify, secure and distribute funding for artistic and cultural organizations for programming consistent with our Mission.
    3. Support programs designed to develop future audiences of artistic and cultural offerings.
    4. Assist with artistic and cultural facility development.
    5. Establish partnerships with regional artistic and cultural organizations to encourage a physical presence in Pearland.
    6. Economic Development: Support efforts to develop a community environment which enhances the economic development of the City of Pearland as destination city.
    7. Historical Preservation: a. Assist area historical preservation enterprises with securing funding, promotion and patron development.

The Pearland Arts League, Pearl Theater, Kids’ Backporch Productions, Allegro Academy of Music, One World Foundation, Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Global Organization for Divinity are examples of the organizations that PAAC promotes. To learn more about PAAC, contact Heidi Wiess, Executive Director at (832) 674-0722 or send an email.